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Susan Christie

Vashti Bunyan17 Pink Sugar Elephants

Katie HerzigShovel

Yoko OnoRemember Love

Harmony TrowbridgeFlat Bottomed Boat

Matteah BaimWounded Whale

Karen DaltonKatie Cruel

Alela DianeOh! My Mama

Susan ChristiePaint A Lady

Lykke LiDance Dance Dance

Melanie SafkaBeautiful People

Rio En MedioEveryone Is Someone’s

Joni MitchellYou Turn Me On I’m A Radio


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I think this is the best track off of the new album.

Portishead- We Carry On

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New El Perro Del Mar

El Perro Del MarGlory To The World

El Perro Del Mar – How Did We Forget

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An early morning nugget

This is for everyone who does the meth every now and again.

Mas Y MasYou Can’t Play Without Ice

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This is for everyone who gets a little stoned sometimes.

Bitty McLean- Lately Version
Flying Lotus- Tea Leaf Dancers
Tellier, Oizo and Sebastian- Bonhomme

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The Hello CD Club was started by John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants. I was a big fan of the band. My first concert that I ever went to was They Might Be Giants. It was in Huntington, Long Island at the IMAC Theater which is still around. It was the town that encompassed the village that I grew up in (Northport). I was in 8th grade at the time. I think I went with my friend, Ken Larkin (you’ll be hearing more about him later). I’m pretty sure other people went as well, but I can’t remember. It was in support of their album “Apollo 18”. Great album. Anyways, I was a huge fan. They used to have something called “Dial-A-Song”. You would call up this number in Brooklyn and listen to a song they did on their answering machine. It changed quite frequently. And I called frequently. My parents didn’t mind since it was basically a local call. And it so happened that I lived in the same neighborhood they did when I moved to Brooklyn years later (Williamsburg/Greenpoint). Later on, I got some information about the Hello CD Club through them. Obviously, I joined up. I remember saving money that I made mowing lawns and babysitting. It was a lot better than Columbia House or BMG because I didn’t know what I was going to get before I got it. Some CD’s were okay. Some were really good. Basically, it was all rare stuff. Even to this day. It was all about the music. It was definitely an influence. Made me want to go out and find other music that I couldn’t hear on the radio. I have compiled a best of the Hello CD club. I wanted to share this.

Andy Partridge- Prince Of Orange (lead singer of XTC)
Andy Partridge- (Some Lovely) My Brown Guitar
Band Of Weeds- The Ocean (Led Zeppelin Cover)
The Jickets- Manhattan Bridge
John Linnell (one half of TMBG)- South Carolina
Frank Black (lead singer of the Pixies)- Space Is Gonna Do Me Good (acoustic)
Brian Dewan- Wastepaper Basket Fire
Drink Me- NYC
Duplex Halloween Planet- That\'s Halloween
Hello The Band- Hello, Hello
Portastatic- A Bear That Chokes
Portastatic- Slant Roof
The Nelories- Waiting

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More Mae Shi

Here are some older Mae Shi songs I like:

The Mae ShiBody 2

The Mae ShiHeartbeeps

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Starting tomorrow, I’d like to try something crazy. Just posting music. Maybe I’ll write one sentence pertaining to the music…two max. Seeing as this was intended to be a music sharing blog and not a “bloggy” type blog, it seems like the right approach. I don’t think anybody really wants to hear how happy I am to be in New York in the springtime, or that a little bit of vomit comes up when I think about the Okonomiyaki I ate the other night. So what if I forgot to get tickets to the upcoming Dr. Dog show and now it’s sold out (anyone have a hook up?!). Who cares that the second degree burn on my hand is turning a disconcerting shade of yellow, or that I’ve quit smoking (sort of) and plan on running a 5K in May (maybe). Obviously, it won’t be easy for me and my self-obsessed long-windedness, but I’d like to give it a shot. Wish me luck!

PS – Please make the distinction between my posts and Oliver’s. He may choose to continue writing about his breakfast cereals, theme parties, work hours and whatnot. But if I write more than two sentences about myself, I have failed my mission and I will take a permanent seat in the dunce’s corner.

PPS – Here’s a song and video I like:

The Mae ShiRun To Your Grave

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I am hard at work at a big post. It’s detailed. Filled with music and information. But, I just wanted to post something so people would be satisfied.

So, here are some lovely tunes…
Quiet Village- Circus Of Horror
New Found Land- Leave It Behind
The Sound of Animals Fighting- My Horse Must Lose

A video!


Live at Glastonbury. Orbital. Where do you think Daft Punk got their ideas from for a stage show?

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I saw Tez open for CocoRosie last year. I’m not really hip to the beatboxing scene (aside from my limited knowledge of Doug E. Fresh and Rahzel), but Tez kind of blew my mind…

Peaches + Tone LocWild Thing (Tez beatbox vsn.)


Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie, Roxanne Shante + LES during the crack era (from a German perspective):

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What a relief. I feel like I have been in limbo since November. I think that’s when my older hours had started. I was working an 1pm to 11pm shift. Now, some people might say… “Dude… you could go out every night!” Yeah. I guess I could have. But, I probably would have been living on the streets with no money and with a possible cocaine/crack problem. The hours made work seem like all I did during the week. I did have down time, but it primarily consisted of just watching movies or playing on the computer. I didn’t eat very well. I didn’t have time to go to the gym or to do anything productive.

My hours are back to 6pm to 4am. Now, some people might say… “Dude… that sucks! How can you stay up until 4am doing work?” It isn’t an ideal work schedule. But, this way… I can get home at 4am… go to sleep for 6 ½ hours and wake up with a whole day to do things. For instance, tomorrow, I am meeting a couple of friends for lunch and to listen to records. I wouldn’t have been able to do that on my previous schedule. I was so happy just doing things in my apartment today in the daylight. I can’t wait to do more activities that I wanted to do before. You can’t make a table at midnight during the week, but you can make as much banging and noise at noon as you want. I can’t use my turntables when my roommate is sleeping at 1 in the morning. But, I can use them at 1pm in the afternoon when she’s at her studio making art. Catch my drift. Plus, I don’t have to eat at the same crappy places over and over again near where I work. There’s something odd about making a chicken parm sandwich at 2 in the morning. But, at 2pm… it feels right. So, I’m happy. And I feel like a human being again. Here are some songs and a silly video.

The Guillemots-Get Over It
The Pity Party-Love Lies
Mezzanine Owls-Snow Globe

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Erin gave me two lovely versions of the song Abilene.

Jimmy Dean Abilene

Sonny JamesAbilene

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Long epic tracks…

I’ve always been a fan of the long song. Over seven minutes. I like the progression. I like the journey you take. They are best listened to in the car on a long road trip. Makes the time fly right by. So, here are a couple of selections of long songs…

Some By Sea-Only One Bullet
Yes-And You and I
The Beta Band-It’s Not Too Beautiful
The Orb-Star 6 7 8 & 9

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Kim Deal with a dash of Brigitte Bardot, for added sex appeal.

Brigitte BardotMoi Je Jou

Harley Davidson

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If you used to get my e-mails… you’ll recognize this song. Maybe you even watched this video. I have no idea why I like this so much. Actually, that is incorrect. I like it because it reminds me of something. That’s what I can’t put my finger on. It feels like a brief period of time. Somewhere between 1995 and 1998. But, not exactly. The music brings out these feelings. Snowboarding. Sleeping on the floor of a kitchen in a random hotel room. Having some girl step on my head on the way to the bathroom. Then… she comes back and lays next to me. She starts grabbing my crotch. There are about 6 other people sleeping in the room. I have no idea if this is some guy’s girlfriend. She’s kissing my ear. She’s unbuckling my belt. And what do I say? “Umm… I think you’re in the wrong bed.”



in the wrong bed. But, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I had some crazy adventures… some funny. Some daring. Some off the wall you wouldn’t believe type shit. This is what this music reminds me of. The bassline. The brash. The being.

Trouble Andrew-Chase Money

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