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I am half asleep. Still at work at almost 4am. Although that is normal… sometimes my bed just calls…

These are just some songs I think people will like.

Band Of Horses- Detlef Schrempf (What a stupid name for a song… but, it’s a good song regardless)

Why?- Good Friday(I really like this band a lot, I was worried that I wouldn’t like any of their other songs after “The Hollows”, but I like the whole album)

Moto Boy- Blue Motorbike (Seriously… how fucking good is this song? It sounds like it should have been made in the 80’s, but it wasn’t)

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1. You will find gray hair in places you never had gray hair before.
2. Your voice will change resulting in a more gravel like sound.
3. The body you once had will be replaced by mass of lumpy parts.
4. You will stop listening to music that sounds good.

I don’t know about all these.

I mean, I am finding gray hairs. Not on my head, mind you. But, the occasional one on my tummy or… ahem… my baby making tower’s garden. I don’t mind them. It makes my cock look sophisticated and smarter or something. I know I can rely on him to make all my decisions for me. He’s got the wispy gray curls of a tenured professor at an Ivy League school. And he is always the life of any party.
Vast Aire- The Crush

What the hell am I rambling about?

I’m tired. And my tummy hurts.

J Dilla- Trucks

I drank some coffee today. I never drink coffee anymore. I think that’s why I am in pain.

Atmosphere- Yesterday

No sit-ups for me tomorrow.

The Coup- Pimps (Free Stylin’ at the Fortune 500 Club)

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In keeping with the whole sounds and pictures, and sounds that come from pictures theme….this guy (named Josh) tipped me off to the following beautiful things created by this guy (named Josh) and these guys (not named Josh):

Song: Kids & Explosions Girls
Samples Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins’ Run Devil Run

Video: Kids & ExplosionsThe Experiment
Combines archival film footage with graphic/animation elements. The soundtrack uses diegetic and non-diegetic sounds produced by the film (including scratchy old film track!), mixed with Massive Attack samples (and some other song I don’t recognize). The video is kind of gross, but also totally mesmerizing.

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I love this. You should love it, too.

Here’s another song from the same artist… he uses sampled music and sounds from the movie.

Pogo- Lost

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I’m really diggin’ Music Go Music‘s Light of Love EP. Especially the song, “I Walk Alone” (buy it!). Rumor is, the lead singer is in the equally awesome band, Bodies of Water. I like new things that sound old. Future-retro, if you will (I will!).

Music Go Music Light of Love
Bodies of WaterUnder The Pines
Bodies of WaterI Guess We’ll Forget The Sound, I Guess, I Guess
Bodies of WaterIt Moves

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On May 3rd, I went to my third LA Derby Dolls event. It was the LA Derby Doll All Stars versus the San Diego Derby Doll All Stars. I brought a number of new people who hadn’t been before mainly because I kept telling them how much fun it was and it’s was the only way to get me to shut up about it. One of the people I brought was my friend, Will. We are both from the same hometown. Obviously, that’s Northport. So, when the announcer at the game said… “And Gori Spelling’s mom is here all the way from Northport, NY!”… we both looked at each other and said, “Did he just say Northport?!”. We were pumped for some odd reason that someone we might know was a LA Derby Doll. Will ended up leaving before the end of the match… which was a blowout. The score was 118-14 with the winner, of course, being the LA Derby Dolls.

After the match was over, I had to find out who Gori Spelling was. I wandered around asking other Derby Dolls where she was. Finally, Krissy Krash pointed her out to me. So, I walked over and said, “Yo… NPT… Northport.” And then I recognized her and she recognized me… it was Ane! I hadn’t seen her since high school, but I remembered her.

Ane/Gori is a jammer. Basically, she is the player on her team that is responsible for getting through the pack and scoring points. So she’s fast… very fast. Check Out the Rules and History Here.

So, we spoke a bit over MySpace and e-mails. And I got a short little interview out of her as well as a ton of pictures and videos…

Leading the way...

OW: What do you love about roller derby?
GS: What’s not to love!?! I love the athleticism, my teammates and the fact that it is such an awesome sport for women.

OW: How did you initially get into it?
GS: I got into roller derby because I was looking for something athletic to do… I hate going to the gym, so I stumbled across an advertisement for a flat track roller derby league online. I had no idea it existed today as a sport, so I did some research and found out that LA had a banked track team. I went to one flat track practice and one banked track, and was instantly hooked on the banked track! That was in September 2006.

OW: Is there a player on another team that you are either scared of or love to battle with?
GS: I used to be scared to death of Krissy Krash…she gave me the hardest hit of my life…but now we’re on the same team, so it’s all good!

OW: How much has it changed, if at all, since you started?
GS: It’s actually changed a lot since I started, but in such a good way! Our venue has gotten bigger, and we’re selling out every game. I think the production value of our events are getting better every time, thanks to the dedicated group of girls and volunteers we have….and I think the actual playing has gotten better. As skaters, we practice a lot and we are all improving so much. And, the league just added a fourth team!

OW: What do you think of the fact that there will be a roller derby movie coming out?
GS: I think it’s awesome and that it can only help our popularity grow. It will be so awesome to go to the theater and see roller derby on the big screen.

OW: And if you were portrayed in the movie, who would you want to play you?
GS: Ha! Um… yeah, I have no idea. I highly doubt I’ll be portrayed in the movie, but Drew Barrymore *did* take photos of my hair at the last game… so I wouldn’t be surprised to see an actress with a mohawk!

OW: What is your favorite memory of playing so far?
GS: I have a few… one would be from one of the first games in ’08 when the crowd started chanting “Gori, Gori, Gori”… Being on the jammer line with the whole place chanting your name is a crazy feeling! (oliver’s note- I was one of those people chanting)

The next match is on May 31st (A Saturday). Tickets are around 20 bucks. Plus, there is food, drink, beer, bands and vendor village. The Tough Cookies Vs. The Sirens
And they always sell out, so get your tickets now!!!
Buy Them Here.

So, I hope to see every NPT peep at the next game! Come support! Plus, it’s a lot of fun and the announcers are great. I will be there cheering for Ane/Gori and the Tough Cookies!

Next Match!

Some Roller Derby inspired music!!!

The Red Aunts- Rollery Derby Queen
Uncle Leon & The Alibis- Roller Derby Saved My Soul
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts- Do You Wanna Touch? (live in NYC, 1982)
Plantlife- Rollerskate Jam
Lismore- More

The Tough Cookies

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Malcolm Middleton

For those of you on my e-mail list… I sent a couple of his songs out. Now, I probably didn’t really explain why other than you knew I liked it. It’s a little more in depth than that. Being that he is one half of Arab Strap, I knew of him already. And when he started putting out solo stuff, I ate it up. The weird thing is that he virtually unknown in the United States… thus adding to my anglophile nature to keep it to myself and not spout too much. Plus, he’s got a great Scottish accent that just adds so much to the songs. Anyways, I’ve decided to share. Because that’s what this life is about. Sharing, caring and blaring music.

Malcolm Middleton- Death Love Depression Love Death
Malcolm Middleton- A Brighter Beat
Malcolm Middleton- Fuck It, I Love You

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Quiche for tickets

I’m always a day too late. You know what would be great? A personal show booker. Someone to make sure I get tickets to all the shows I want to see. The kind of person who would occasionally slip in a surprise ticket to see a band I’ve never heard of, but who they know I would love.

Seeking: Music savvy ticket buyer
Salary: Quiche (my specialty), hugs and the utmost respect

Here’s a song I love and a video I wish I had directed (for a band that I will not be going to see on Sunday because the show is now sold out):

Beirut Elephant Gun

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It’s tough coming up with new music to post on an almost daily basis. I’ve been reluctant to post songs that are all the rage on the music blogosphere. I figure everyone already has them. But fuck it…I’ll just post whatever I like, whenever I like. Sound good?

High PlacesNew Grace

No AgeThings I Did When I Was Dead

SALEM brustreet

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Man, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with this whole blog thing. I don’t want to get lazy. So, I gotta keep on moving.

I’ve been diving around. Searching for stuff. Listening.

Here’s some songs I’ve found.

The Wet Secrets- Grow Your Own Fucking Moustache, Asshole (Great song name)
Candy Coated Killahz- I Can’t Stop (I’m loving all the hip-hop electronica lately)
Amy Merideth- Running (Christopher Robin Remix) (How haunting is that backing track, eh?)
Slow Down, Tallahassee- The Beautiful Light (Good pure power pop)

In other news… I need a roommate. Badly.

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Reggie Watts: Out Of Control from Jakob Lodwick on Vimeo.

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We’ll admit it, if someone else is in the room we’re a little bit embarrassed when these songs pop up on our iTunes shuffle. But when we’re alone, we kick ’em hard-styles! Please don’t hate us. We still love you and we still love good music.
Ollie & Mimi

Alkaline Trio- Fuck You, Aurora
Deftones- Minerva
Spin Doctors- Two Princes
Marilyn Manson- I Put A Spell On You
Ryan AdamsCome Pick Me Up
LiveLightning Crashes
K’s Choice Not An Addict

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Last weekend, my friend Chris gave me the best present ever…a Casio calculator watch. I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I love it! I kept making him ask what time it was so that I could bust it out and be all, “let me check my awesome new watch!” It looks a little dykey on me, but I wear it proud. Chris is going back to Denmark soon, which makes me sad because he’s one of my few die-hard music fan buddies. He’s always down to go to concerts with me and he doesn’t roll his eyes when I send him long lists of songs and videos to check out. Don’t leave, Chris!! I’m not going to cry, I’ll buck up and be strong.

Chris was the first person to play Chairman of the Board and Prefab Sprout for me and that’s just one more reason to love him.

Chairman of the Board – Give Me Just A Little More Time

Prefab Sprout – Goodbye Lucille #1 (Johnny Johnny)

PS – I realize that I just wrote way more than two sentences about myself, unrelated to music. I’m sorry.

Score: Blog 1 / Mimi 0

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I don’t think I’ll subject people to that again.

Beaufort- Fuck The Google

If anyone knows of anyone looking for a place to live, let me know. I need a new roommate.

Susumu Hirasawa- The Girl In The Byakkoya (Beaufort Remix)

Also, I will be in New York City in June. Lock your doors. Actually, open them up and let me in. I need places to sleep. On the 13th and 15th. And maybe the 12th and/or the 16th. Depending on how long I stay.

Eric B. & Rakim- Eric B. For President (Original 12 inch Mix)

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Lykke Li:

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