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Hell… I would think that 30 songs would have been enough. That’s okay. I have really just been lazy. Reflecting on my new found adulthood. Back to giving you some music and political videos.

I Blame Coco- How Did All These People Get In My Room?
The Rest- Walk On Water
Los Electricos- Fang

I’m sure everyone has seen the video below already, but if you haven’t take a look.

Another one…

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Shugo Tokumaru – Parachute

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_Clacker Daddy Whacker_

Ok. I’m going to throw out a few words and you just think of the first thing that comes to mind:

cherry bombs




Seriously, olives and GIN?? and what the hell is a “Clacker Daddy Whacker”?

BUT GODDAMNIT doesn’t it make it a shit-ton of fun to sing and be healthy! It’s a good thing to keep up on fellas, be sure to check yourselves on a regular [daily] basis (or have a partner/friend/neighbor/favorite barista/librarian, etc).

NOTE: For best results it would behoove you not use the term “eyelid skin” at any point when asking for assistance with your checkup.

(video was made by the folks at Universal Post. check out their stuff. cool UT kids.)

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Happy 30th…


Desmond and the Tutus – Kiss You On The Cheek (King Of Town Remix)

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So, I am 30 now. I made it. I didn’t die. So, in honor of this momentous occasion… here are 30 songs. A real hodge-podge of stuff.

1.Craig Mack- Flava In Ya Ear (I remember having the cassingle of this… damn I’m old)
2.The Happy Hollows- Monster Room (Cool indie pop from Los Angeles)
3.Billy Idol- Sweet Sixteen (Man, being 16… such a long time ago. Although, I remember 15 better than 16 for some reason)
4.Of Montreal- Du Og Meg (Saw these guys in Los Angeles. Good show, but Kevin Barnes has some interesting costumes…)
5.Malcolm Mclaren and the World Famous Supreme Team- Hey DJ (I am getting my turntable fixed right now)
6.The Tages- It’s In A Dream (Good ol’ 60’s swedish psychedelica)
7.The Good Life- O’Rourke’s, 1:20 AM (I got this album from my friend, Art, when I lived in NYC. He didn’t like it. I loved it. I listened to it a lot when I was in Detroit for some reason)
8.Hollywood Holt- Hollywood(Mark my words… this guy is gonna be huge… huge. Annoyingly huge.) Check out the video for this track, too…

9.Weezer- Only In Dreams (I used to play this on the jukebox in Splendid (my old bar in Greenpoint that I frequented more than one night a week) all the time)
10.Stevie Wonder- Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing (You can’t have a list of 30 songs without at least one Stevie Wonder track)
11.The Strokes- Take It Or Leave It (I didn’t like this band when they first arrived on the scene. Probably because I was heavily into jungle/drum n’bass at the time that I wasn’t listening to anything else. But, now I like them… so there…)
12.Northern Portrait- Crazy (Very 80’s sounding from a band that is brand spankin’ new)
13.Band Of Horses- No One’s Gonna Love You (I spoke to the manager of this band back when they just had a demo and not even a record contract… he wasn’t a nice person… but the band was nice, glad to see they made it)
14.Pulp- Something Changed (I saw this band open up for Blur and 2 years later… saw them headline a festival in England… both times they were amazing)
15.James Pants- We’re Through (I love this guy. So good. And I have to include the video.)
I love the way this video looks. Like it was shot on a soap opera set with soap opera lighting.

16.The Dead Milkmen- Bitchin’ Camaro (Man… I loved these guys when I was younger. I remember hearing about them from my friend’s older sister. I was young.)
17.The Smiths- Miserable Lie (My favorite song from my favorite band of all-time.)
18.The Shins- So Says I (I don’t care what anyone says… “Chutes Too Narrow” is a better album than “Oh, Inverted World”)
19.Hall & Oates- I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) (‘Nuff Said.)
20.Destroyer- A Dangerous Woman Up To A Point (Dan Bejar is the man.)
21.Helen Stellar- You Glow From Within (My friends’, Clif & Jim, band. Are they ever gonna get back together? Maybe… I heard some rumors… heh heh)
22.Megafaun- Lazy Suicide (North Carolina boys done good)
23.Daft Punk- Fresh (Remember when Daft Punk were just that… Fresh? Now everyone wants to sound like them.)
24.Neil Young- Journey Thru The Past (Am I traveling back through Canada? No, but I’d like to start being a hobo. Sort of.)
25.Dizzee Rascal- Dream (Grimiest grimey grime.)
26.Modest Mouse- You’re The Good Things (Remember when no one knew about them? No? Well, I do.)
27.The Pixies- Break My Body (live) (My 2nd favorite band of all-time.)
28.Kings Of Leon- Knocked Up (One of the best openers to an album ever.)
29.Giant Drag- Swan Song (Live on Connect) (I think this is the best song that Annie ever did… but, it’s not on any albums… although supposedly it’ll be on the new one.)
30.The Dresden Dolls- Dirty Business (First concert I saw in LA. It was a good choice. It also reminds me of driving in Upstate New York.)

So… wheesh. There it is. 30 songs. I am 30 years old. About damn time.

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Audrey told me about Baby Dayliner a while back and I didn’t pay her much mind. UNTIL NOW! Another friend recently sent me a couple of his songs and this time I paid attention (I only listen to people when they give me gifts or shower me with praise). So far I like what I hear. He sounds like a cross between Stephen Merritt and Ian Curtis.

Baby Dayliner – Raid
Baby Dayliner – Funeral Dirge

The Magnetic Fields – I Think I Need A New Heart

Joy Division – Transmission

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I still don’t know why more people don’t listen to electronica.

Weird Tapes- Home (it sounds like they sampled “The Legend of Zelda” and tweaked it a little… or am I just hearing things?)
Empire Of The Sun- Walking On A Dream (love this track… good steady pulse…)
High Resolution- Sweepin’ Off (Technically, this isn’t a new song. It came out in 1983, but it’s new to me… so… pfft!)

This is really bizzare…

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I’m glad Mimi stopped freaking out. This is a long race. I really don’t see how the Republicans can win. Once the debates start… ohhh boy… it’s all over. Obama trounced Clinton in the Democratic Primary Debates. McCain… well, he didn’t have a lot of competition. And Biden… a seasoned political vet… who is actually one of the few people in public office who doesn’t hold another outside job or come from money… will rip Palin into shreds. She hasn’t the slightest clue about domestic or foreign policy.

Polls rely on landline phones…. I know none of my friends that have one. My father has one, my mother has one. But, neither of them would take the time to answer a poll. Especially if they call during dinner or a ballgame. If I had a landline phone, I’d probably answer a poll, but I am never home… so, I doubt they would ever reach me. If De La Soul called? I’d make time…
De La Soul- Ring, Ring, Ring (Ha, Ha, Hey)

I’m pretty confident that come January 20th, 2009 will be ushering a new era. One that will not be without challenges and bumps in the road. But, a movement in the right direction.
Max Roach- January V

And I’m sure you know who I’m voting for, right?
DJ Z-Trip- Obama Set Outtake 1

See ya at the polls, homebreads!

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Deep breath in. Exhale. We’re going to be okay.

Please read this and this.

I’m going to yoga now.



Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax

Gang Starr – Aiiight Chill

©Rob Drury

©Rob Drury

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LCD Soundsytem – North American Scum

Billy Bragg & Wilco – Christ For President

Sarah Palin & Cindy McCain on the campaign trail

Sarah Palin & Cindy McCain on the campaign trail

Cody ChesnuTT – Afrobama (that Wilco song is good and all, but for the record, I think Obama is a much stronger candidate than Jesus Christ)

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Off the Hook!

Alright…now I am hooked….when the music starts…you just can’t stop can you?

If you liked the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Fugazi, and maybe even Luscious Jackson, you’ll like CSS…it may even be better than a boy/girlfriend…and you may start screeming….”Alalalallalalalallalalallalalal!”

here are two:


CSS Music is My Boyfriend

and the video:



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Emma (Scout) Louise Niblett will make you writhe in your seat…enough to, get up, grab the girl/guy next to you or across the room and kiss them passionately and then look them in the eye and light up a smoke (or a toke) together to celebrate life’s inconsequential moments…..

this morsel is accompanied by Will Oldham….appropriately called, “Kiss”

Scout Niblett- Kiss

and here is one that fits the coming new change in season…by Emancipator


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It’s a good day to fly a kite

Kites are fun!

Free Design – Kites Are Fun

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I know you think it’s practical. I know it might be a little sexy. But, to me; it just tells me that either your shower is too dirty and/or occupied, your toilet overflowed because of the indian food you ate last night or you are just bat-shit crazy.

Although the above image isn’t what occurred… it’s a strange occurrence nonetheless. So, to celebrate the strangeness… here’s something good strange things… songs that I’m not really sure what to make of. Be it the lyrics, the song content or just the over all “where does this go in society?”

The J’s With Jamie- Hey Look Me Over (I sort of understand this song, but not all of the terminology, I mean what the hell does ‘I’m a little bit short of the apple room’ mean?)
Commuter- Young Hearts (This song is actually off of the soundtrack to Karate Kid. What I want to know is why does this song get better with each subsequent listen? It’s odd. I barely remember it from the movie. But, I watched it recently and it caught my ear. Why didn’t I hear it the other 50 times I had seen the movie? The amount of times I’ve said, “Sweep the leg, Johnny…” or “Put him in a bodybag!” or “Look eye. Always look eye.”; you’d think I would remember a song like this…)
Katie The Pest- Pretty Special (I love the beginning of this track… so unconventional. And the theme of the track is quite interesting. The lyrics are great.)

Well, I was going to put one more song up. But, for some reason… the hosting site is being bitchy. I’ll hopefully get to add on to it on Monday or Sunday or Saturday or Funday.

For that lack of last songness… I’ll leave you with a video.

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High Places – From Stardust to Sentience

Moby Grape – I Am Not Willing

The War On Drugs – Taking The Farm

J Dilla – Nothing Like This

Can – Vitamin C

Jarvis Cocker – Baby’s Coming Back To Me

(I still like the High Places, Moby Grape, Dilla, Can & Jarvis Cocker songs, but I’m beginning to question The War On Drugs)

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