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Flip flops and tank tops

I’m packing my floppers and heading west. So excited!

Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes


This album is [tank] tops!

Animal Collective – Bluish

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2009 started off shaky. But, I knew it only needed a little push like a small child on a swing set. Pump those legs. Reach higher. We can do this shit. The world is going to be better. I know this. Do you?

14KT- The Waiting Room (Main Theme)

Surreal- God Speed

Illa J- All Good (Yo, J Dilla’s brother is bringing it…)

Nas- Sly Fox (Still be aware…)

Secret… mystery track…

MysteryMystery (It’s a mystery… and it was a pain in the ass to post this. Fake e-mails. Fake names. That is not a clue… a clue, eh?? Well, here’s one… ‘starstruck with one buck, your girl looks like Donald Duck’)

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This series might go on for awhile. I’ve been pulling all kinds of crazy shit. This is the hip-hop edition. Old short mixes. Old freestyles. Old songs. Enjoy. There is more to come.

DJ Craze- DMC 1998 Mix (I think this is from 1998, but I’m not sure. It’s in France. I could verify it, but again… I am lazy.)

Eminem- Freestyle (This was before he dropped his first album… waaay before. Back when he was underground and just doing guest spots on singles and albums. Sooo good.)

Necro- I Need Drugs (Set to LL Cool J’s ‘I Need Love’, this is just a crazy song. I saw him live once at The Cooler in NYC. Insane. Never went mainstream. Always underground. Most don’t know him outside of the East Coast. Has a number of great joints that are guaranteed to offend.)

DJ Stretch Armstrong- Quick Mix (This is recorded from his radio show with Bobbito. Just a glance at what they were doing when they were on the air. They broke so many acts, it’s not even funny. And they were never afraid to make shit sound hot. Seriously, if you only listen to one MP3 today, make it this one.)

MC Serch (feat. Chubb Rock and Nas)- Back To The Grill Again (This was the first showing from Nas. You can hear the youth in his voice, but you can also hear the talent. Damn.)

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It is so cold outside!

Even my teeth are cold.

Alaska In Winter – Berlin

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Brian Kenney Fresno

One more reason to miss California…

Brian Kenney Fresno – Bobby Salazar
Brian Kenney Fresno – Big Tujunga

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Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart

The Knife – Forest Families
The Knife – From Off To On
The Knife – Kino (live)
The KnifeHeartbeats (One Music Session)

Royksopp –What Else Is There

Honey Is Cool – Nacht Heart
Honey Is Cool – Zanzibar

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So, I have started the process again of going through my old cassette tapes and transferring them to CD and then to the computer. I stopped for awhile when I have a quick power outage erasing over 5 hours of work. It was frustrating. But, being that I was alone over the holidays, I started to do it again. This time, I made it through a lot of them. Here is a small sample of what I retrieved. I also need help with a couple of tracks. There will be more to come as well.

Built To Spill- Kicked It In The Sun (live acoustic) (If anyone knows where or when this was recorded, that would be great)

Dory Previn- A Midget’s Lament (I want more stuff by this woman)

Frank Black- Unknown (I know this obviously Frank Black… but is it solo or Pixies? And what’s the name of the song? I am too lazy to do any research.)

Unknown- Breathe (Pink Floyd Cover) (This one is going to be really hard. I know it’s a band from New York. I know they never made it. They just made a demo. I actually went to the record release party. They were friends with this girl who bartended at this bar I used to DJ at in Gramercy Park area of Manhattan, there’s a longer story there, but I’ll save that for personal encounters. Anyways, it’s a cool loungey version of the Pink Floyd song. I lost the original CD somewhere. Ahh wells.)

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Post more.

The Obo Tones- Smoak
J-Boogie- Oceanic Lullaby
Snoop Dogg- Think About It

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Here We Go Magic – Tunnelvision

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A Good Year

The Walkmen – In the New Year

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