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There’s an overwhelming amount of music coming out right now. Seems that everyone has timed their new releases with SXSW. I like what I’ve heard so far, but I find this flood of new music to be kind of paralyzing. My instinct is to retreat – to stop reading music blogs, stop listening to the radio, ignore the mp3s that friends send me… I can’t take it all in and make good executive decisions. It’s just too much to handle. I might take a few posts to share things of a different nature (shadow puppetry, poetry, detailed accounts of my trip to the Topshop opening in Soho, etc.)

Here are some music related things that managed to slip through my road block:
Handsome Furs – Nyet Spasiba

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The album is good. I’m noticing that a lot more good albums are coming out this year than last. That is a good thing.

Grand Duchy- Fort Wayne

Grand Duchy- Come On Over To My House

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So, back when I was living in Manhattan and Brooklyn… I had a landline. And it used regular old cassette tapes. I started leaving strange outgoing messages all the time. Basically encouraging my friends to leave me strange messages. Although, I don’t think I really needed to give them any encouragement. Here are a few choice ones from my collection of answering machine messages…

Answering Machine

Fannie Mae- Reba (This was a random call that I got. I don’t know how the woman didn’t know she got the wrong number. She never called back.)

Graham- Wondering Where I Am (I ended up going with them. Obviously, since I still have my testicles.)

Chris M.- Reading From A Porn Book (My friend, Chris, would call up and leave strange messages. Usually for no other reason then to be strange. We actually had an ongoing battle back in high school with his own answering machine.)

Kehoe- Getting Skin to Say What He Is Doing (My friend, Matt, called me when he knew I wasn’t home to play a prank on our mutual friend, Skin (James). Pretty funny, I think.)

Mom- Ann Is Out Of Jail (My sister decided to take a taxi from New York City to Northport. And then she decided that they would stiff the cabbie out of the fare. But, the cab driver told the police that she and her friends robbed him by gun and knife point. Needless to say, I became the good child after that for awhile.)

Magic Steve- Wants To Be On One Of My Tapes (I used to go to this bar on the Upper East Side and he was the bartender. He used to let me bring in mix tapes and play them while I was in there. And he would do magic tricks for me. We ended up becoming friends. But, then he wanted me to have sex with his wife and he wanted to have sex with my girlfriend at the time. He was a swinger. And my girlfriend wasn’t about to do that… ha ha.)

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Hey Rosetta!

Check out this beautiful video for Hey Rosetta!‘s, Red Song (currently unreleased). Their full length album, Into Your Lungs, came out in 2008.

The video is directed by the talented, Noah Pink.

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Grand Duchy

I’m really, really, really, really looking forward to this:


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Today’s a better day (I know you were all really worried, so I just want to set your minds at ease). Sorry I slipped up (Score: Mimi 95 / Bloggy Blog 4) .

Here’s some new stuff I like:

Thomas Function – Belly of the Beast (fun, upbeat)
BLK JKS – Summertime (good energy)
Mayer Hawthorne –Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out (29 year old white boy…seriously?! this is officially my new go to break up song)
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Old Panda Days (W/ Nick Krgovich) (owen ashworth’s a great storyteller – simple music, raw lyrics – love it)

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Soooo good!

Take a listen to these two tracks. Although, you should really listen to the album from start to finish. It’s basically a folky rock opera.

The Decemberists- The Rake’s Song

The Decemberists- The Hazards of Love 3 (Revenge!)

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Too much coffee?

This is how I feel today. Salem – Skullcrush. I seriously want to break some shit. Like someone’s face. Doesn’t matter whose.

(i just talked about my feelings. does that count as a diary post? sorry. i think i may have failed our mission)

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Crazy. A lot happens in a year. Lots of music gets heard. Lots of music gets shared. When Mimi and I decided to start a blog, we had to learn as we went along. Writing stupid HTML code. Picking the right file server; which we eventually had to change because the original one was annoying. Sometimes we’d post the same song by accident. There were arguments about relevant content; no diary posts! But, all in all, it’s been successful and fun. I hope everyone who reads this blog enjoys the music we share. And I hope we can continue for another year!

Lal Meri- Dreams Of 18 (I love this girl’s voice, kind of sounds like Fiona Apple.)

Anavan- The Perfect Sound (I swear it sounds like they say my name in the song.)

The Negro Problem- Submarine Down (Terrible terrible name for a band. But, it’s a good song.)

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Pre Bale

Klaus & Kinski – El Cristo del Perdón

Not to be confused with Klaus Kinski. Long before Bale, there was Kinski:

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After downloading this, I decided to revisit this.  It’s a really enjoyable album.

Long Haired Lady
Eat At Home
Smile Away
Oh Woman, Oh Why

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Pretty girls make freak-folk, but so do hairy (oftentimes bearded) men.

Quinn Walker – Save Your Love For Me
Ariel Pink – The Bottom
Theo Angell – Price of Prince

Gavin Bryars – Tramp with Orchestra IV (this guy happens to be bald, but he can still run with the pack)
The Microphones – Get Off The Internet
Chad VanGaalen – TMNT Mask
Devendra Banhart – Fistful of Love

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