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It’s a long weekend. Not that it matters much to me. It’s just another weekend. And I don’t get mail on Monday. Pfft. Ahh wells. Here are some good old songs to remember.

Sheila E.- Hollyrock

Sister Nancy- Bam Bam

Otis Redding- I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) (Live At Montery Pop Festival)

Sugarcubes- Hit

Simon & Garfunkel- El Condor Pasa

And a video. Classic video. One my most favorite songs ever. I know, I know. It’s cheesy. But, sooooooooo gooooooood.

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I love the 70’s!

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Slacker. Slacker. Slacker.


That’s me. I should just set a “post now” alarm on my cellphone. It’ll help remind me.

Kashmere Stage Band- All Praises

Dirty Dozen Brass Band- Cissy Strut

Sufjan Stevens- You Are The Blood

Alright, the video below is definitely not something I would normally listen to, but for some reason, I like the song a lot. I just have no idea what they are saying since I don’t speak spainish. So, if anyone can translate, that would be awesome.

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Literally EVERY song that Asaf sends me is great. I’m a little intimidated by his music savvy. I can just casually mention something that strikes me, like, *”we’re eating up all the fish in the sea,” and within a matter of minutes he has an incredible song that speaks to my fleeting thought or mood or whatever. The kid’s good.

So last song I got from him was Judee Sill’s, Jesus Was A Cross Maker. It’s a beautiful 70’s Cali folk tune. Judee Sill was one of the first musicians signed to Geffen’s Asylum label (Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Brown, Tom Waits…). She died of a heroin overdose in the late 70’s and kind of faded into obscurity.

Judee Sill – Jesus Was A Cross Maker

Fleet Foxes does a nice cover of her song Crayon Angels, on Black Cab Sessions.

Here’s another great song from Asaf:
Scott Walker – The Old Man’s Back Again

And here’s some dolphin art:

*How do you like my subliminal do-gooding? I slipped that Seafood Watch link in there all sly-styles. I know it kind of goes against our whole music sharing code, but I saw The Cove not too long ago and it had a pretty big impact on me. It’s a documentary about¬† dolphin genocide in Japan. The filmmakers, who put themselves in the movie, are a little too proud of themselves, and the whole ‘set-up’ is a little to set-up, but it raised a lot of important questions about our fishing practices . Click on the ‘fish’¬† link above and you can download a guide to safe, sustainable seafood.

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I have 50 bucks in my bank account. I just sit at home. So, since that is definitely not an excuse to share music, I need to start sharing every day. Here’s some choons.

Michael Zapruder’s Rain Of Frogs- Ads For Feelings (I love the flute in this song.)

Discovery- Osaka Loop Line

Deer Tick- Long Time

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Cass McCombs

Cass McCombs – Jonesy Boy

That’s That (I think I may have already posted this one, but it’s so good it deserves two posts!)
Aids in Africa

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Croc o’ #?%&*#

Crocodiles – I Wanna Kill

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And so are some new songs…

The Connection- Dum Dum Dum

El Guincho- Buenos Matrimonios Ah Fuera

Deastro- Vermillion Plaza

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Major Lazer – Hold The Line (ft. Mr. Lexx and Santigold)

True Love

True Love

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