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If we listen to music that makes us think of summer, will the sun stay out? Let’s try.

Major Lazer – Can’t stop now (feat. Mr. Vegas & Jovi Rockwell)
Max Romeo – War Ina Babylon
Tanya Stephens – It’s A Pity
Bob Marley – Simmer Down
Toots & The Maytals – Bam Bam

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And then after you take that moment, please listen to BOB The Band‘s awesome tribute to the legend.

BOB The Band – Such A Much Better Place

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Fredo Viola

I love when I stumble upon beautiful and inspiring things when I’m not even looking for them. I was on Vimeo this morning, searching for a video clip to reference for a work related project, when I came across Fredo Viola’s video for Sad Song. He’s a multi-media artist/animator/filmmaker/musician who I believe is based in New York. You can see and hear more of his work on his very cool experimental/experiential website, The Turn

Fredo Viola – Sad Song
Fredo Viola – The Turn

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I was on hiatus?

Maybe. Maybe I’ve just been too busy looking for jobs. Or maybe I’ve been re-organizing my whole music collection. Or perhaps I was away in Austin, TX. But, most likely, I am just lazy and uninspired as of late.

That doesn’t suffice for an excuse. So, here’s some music. Pfft.

Good Shoes- Ice Age

Castledoor- Fall Apart

Slum Village- Fall In Love

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I’m trying my best to be brave about this whole file sharing site not working business, but I’m about two posts shy of throwing in the towel.

The Radio Department – David

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Round 2,596,986,695

Why does it have to be so hard? All we want to do is share.

See if this works: Clique – Superman

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This website takes video watchng to a new level. Try it with this great video for Animal Collective’s Summertime Clothes (directed by my former classmate/trusty boom operator, Danny Perez). I recommend going full screen.

PS – sorry that our mp3 links are down. our file sharing site is the worst!

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The Antlers

Saw these guys open for Here We Go Magic a little while back. I only caught the last two songs of their set, but I really liked them. In fact, I liked them more than Here We Go Magic (who were pretty disappointing live).

The Antlers – Wake
The Antlers – Bear

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I have some songs bouncing around in my head. Just making noise. Got to get rid of them. So, I’m passing them to you.

Window Twins- Maybe It’s Time (Sounds like someone wrote this when they were in some sort of drunken haze.)

Enon- Conjugate The Verbs (I just recently stumbled upon this song again while editing my entire music library.)

Archie Whitewater- Cross Country (Just a pleasant jazz tune to make you feel good.)

Josh Rouse- Hollywood Bass Player (This song reminds me of another song, just don’t know what it is. What does it remind you of?)

Here is a video of my girlfriend getting elbowed in the face. Roller derby is brutal.

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