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Chris Garneau‘s music kills me. It rips my heart out of my chest and murders it. Every single song. It’s the best! I think everyone should wallow in their sadness from time to time. Good for the soul. His newest album, El Radio, is just as beautifully painful as his debut, Music For Tourists.

Chris Garneau – Dirty Night Clowns
Chris Garneau – Fireflies

Chris Garneau – Between The Bars
Chris Garneau – Not Nice

Thanks to the kindness of Leah and Vanessa Hayes, the two sexy Sirens who make up half of Scary Mansion, I got to see Chris play at Le Poisson Rouge for free the other night. Scary Mansion opened the show, followed by The Lisps, who sounded like a cross between the annoying musical theater geek from high school and kid friendly singer-songwriter, Dan Zanes. Other than a too cute and over enunciated set by The Lisps, it was a great show. I always knew Leah and Vanessa were talented visual artists and super nice ladies, but I wasn’t fully aware of the magnitude of their musical artistry. It was an awesome surprise to see them rock out on stage. Vanessa provided the perfect harmonies to Leah’s haunting vocals and strumsticking. Scary Mansion has a new album coming out this summer and I can’t wait to hear it.

Scary Mansion – Sorry We Took All Your Money
Scary Mansion – Captain

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Canada confuse me, all those provinces and territories and their funny sounding names. Canadians are super nice though, and they make good music, so I’ll just smile and listen and stop trying to wrap my head around all the rest.

Think About Life – Set You On Fire
Bruce Peninsula – Steamroller
Tanya Davis – Art
Jenn Grant – Dreamer

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So, every now and again, someone hears a song that sounds familiar. It’s an older song. Perhaps a track off of their father’s old jazz records or perhaps a disco track from your gay uncle’s collection. You hear it and you say… “Shit… that’s where they sampled from.” Well, here are some songs that were sampled by various artists. I think they are just as good if not better than the songs that used them.

Also, I’m not going to tell you what song sampled them… you have to guess… or I suppose you could cheat and look it up online.

Black Ivory- I Keep Asking You Questions

Jack Wilkins- Red Clay

7th Wonder- Daisy Lady

Heatwave- Ain’t No Half Stepping

Gary Numan- M.E. (I fucking love this song, btw)

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The Phenomenal Handclap Band – 15 to 20
Department of Eagles – Love Me (Elvis Presley)
Dead Prez vs. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks of Hip-Hop (by The Hood Internet)

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Great new (and 1 old) songs that were gifted to me, which I’d like to gift to you:

Miike Snow – Animal
-Thank you, Taylor C.

Fanfarlo – I’m A Pilot
-Thanks again, Taylor C.

White Rabbits – Percussion Gun
-Thank you, Jesse P.

Amazing Baby – Head Dress
-Thanks again, Jesse P.

Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel
-Thank you, music blog – can’t remember which

Babe Rainbow – Shaved
-Thanks again, music blog – can’t remember which

Soko – I’ll Kill Her
-Thank you, JD Cowboy

Gene Clark – For A Spanish Guitar
-Thank you again and again and again x infinity, Asaf

And last but not least, thank you, Haley Joel Osment (most ‘gifted’ of them all).

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Chin up lil’ unemployed blogger. Things will improve, I’m sure of it.

Maybe you should check out INTERVIEW PROJECT to see what other folks are doing to earn a buck, or to just pass the time. It’s one part StoryCorps, one part Behind The Wheel, one part FSA Project and a billion parts beautiful. The online documentary series is directed and edited by Austin Lynch, who I had the great pleasure of meeting while working on the set of There Will Be Blood. I hope to see more of his work in the future. Interview Project is quiet, poetic and just plain pretty. New episodes are posted every three days. I hope you will like it as much as I do. People ARE fascinating.

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My unemployment benefits run out in less than a month. Fuck. I scour for jobs everyday. Either I’m overqualified or underqualified. The jobs I do find that I am perfect for never come through. I rarely get a call or an e-mail back about anything. I have no idea what to do. Should I work at Burger King? (I wouldn’t work at McDonald’s… just because I don’t like their food.) Should I sell shit? I can’t see myself selling anything related to music, i.e. turntables, records, CD’s. So, if anyone out there has any ideas or jobs or leads about jobs… it would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile, I do get to listen to a lot of music while I am sending out resumes… here are some choice cuts…

Scholar- Darlin’, You Make My Bed

Jarvis Cocker- Tonight

Murs- Bad Man!

Highlife- F Kenya Rip

Ulrich Schnauss- Stars

A new video from Baron Zen…

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Tennessee Darlins

I’m buyin’ whatever these ladies are sellin’.

Those Darlins – Mama’s Heart
Those Darlins –
Hung Up On Me

Those Darlins – Wild One

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So, Farrah, Michael, Billy and Ed are dead. I thought I’d pay my small tribute to all four. It’s basic. Pictures. Video. Music.

Some MJ songs done by other artists…

Shinehead- Billie Jean

Jazztronik- Rock With You

Ian Brown- Thriller

A song featuring Michael Jackson

Rockwell- Somebody’s Watching Me

And a song by Ed McMahon… a strange one.

Ed McMahon- Thank Heaven For Little Girls

And Billy Mays… ordering shit from McDonald’s.

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