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Tennis – Marathon
Perfume Genius – Perry
Love – Your Mind And We Belong Together [Single A-Side]
Gobble Gobble – Alabaster Bodyworlds
Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars
Bill Withers – Use Me

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Mine was good. And mine was bad. The Red Sox lost. But, I’m not super broken up about it. They played super hard. They didn’t quit. But, they just didn’t have it. Ortiz wasn’t batting. Tek looked like a pitcher taking swings. And Beckett was mortal. Ahh wells.

Music helps to cheer me up.

Late Of The Pier- Focker (Instrumental) (I love the sound these guys have… electronic rock stuff. I’ll be posting them again.)
Bill Withers- Harlem (Eamon Harkin Edit) (I love this guy’s re-edits. Keeps the same soul of the song, but just adds the right amount of flavor.)
Rodriguez- Jane S. Piddy (Add this to the ‘guys who sound like Donovan that I like’ category.)

I still don’t know what I should be for Halloween.

Maybe I should just be a cop from the 1970’s…

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