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Grizzly Bear’s ‘Foreground’ – An aleatory and combinatory remix by Phoenix:

A long time ago Grizzly Bear asked us to remix one of their tracks, but we never found the boldness to mess with their beautiful songs. So the other day we figured, maybe if we combine great things together (Grizzly Bear, Eno, chance), it would create something good.

1. Press play on either player
2. After an indefinite number of seconds, press play on other player
3. You can create your own mix by adjusting the volume on either player
4. If it’s good : enjoy, if it’s bad : try again !

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So, it’s past your bedtime. You’re getting home from a party. You want to wind yourself down while maintaining that good feeling that you had from the night. Perhaps you met a really nice girl or maybe a really nice guy. Maybe you just had an awesome time with some of your best buddies? Or possibly just met some really cool people? Whatever it may be… nothing works better than some good music.

These are supposed to be listened to in order…

First off some good instrumental hip-hop-
Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program- Brasillain Dimes

Then some electro chill-out funk-
Dam Funk- 10 West (sidenote: Is everything this guy does just so damn good or what? No wonder he has that name.)

A little dabbling in some psych-electronica-
Harmonia- Watussi

Some indie rock electronica to pump you slightly back up-
Animal Collective-My Girls (sidenote: I think this might be in my top ten songs of all time.)

And then some Eno, to start the soft descent-
Brian Eno- And Then So Clear

Some dreamy distorted vocal stylings to bring the thinking on-
Expensive Looks- Shy Away

Now, the dreamy song that’ll help you ease your way home-
Ulrich Schnauss- A Letter From Home

Here’s the one that’ll really help you go into a trance-
Underworld- Banstyle + Sappy’s Curry

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Suede- We Are The Pigs

Caz Mechanic- If I See A Bear

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood- Lady Bird

Phosphorescent- Wolves

3rd Bass- Pop Goes The Weasel

Brian Eno- Needle In The Camel’s Eye

Pulled Apart By Horses- I Punched A Lion In The Throat

Mickey Gang- Horses Can’t Dance

Lullaby Baxter- Rattled Little Clam

Sublime- Bad Fish

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