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Frank Black- Calistan

We lie in distorted view of reality. I look at the urine. I look at the piss. I see the yellow stream of my body extracted from my being. Is this me? Is this you? The cloudiness. The hurt. The pain. I can only feel what I feel. I cannot feel what you do. Once the sensation passes. I have come to discover. I have come to realize. I know not. I just thirst for that. I want to know everything,

Hindsight perception

Eye in the back of my head

Is out of focus.

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I spent the day at an interesting place. Should I really give my all? Should I really tell you? Am I speaking to yooooooouuuuu? Nah. I am just talking to myself.

Screw you.

I have inside info. I ain’t telling you.

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Bill Cosby Sweater

Now, what is more universally known than a Bill Cosby Sweater. Usually striped with odd colors. Just clashing with everything and it’s surroundings. Usually a bit tight. And nasty.

I love finding weird stuff. Bill Cosby made an album about drugs. It’s bizzare. He sings songs and talks to kids.

Bill CosbyDope Pusher

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