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Talk of Gary Panter brings me to Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, which brings me to Dolly Parton. I’ve been on a massive Dolly kick for the last couple of months. Jolene and Coat of Many Colors have pretty much been on repeat all day, every day. Deal with it irritable wall pounding neighbors, deal with it!

Dolly Parton – Don’t Drop Out (thanks for this, Jason C.!)
Dolly Parton – Early Morning Breeze

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Perfect combinations

Gary Panter’s art goes so well with The Fall. The band, not the season. I was just flipping through his work and listening to Perverted by Language in the background and it was music/art perfection.

The Fall – Eat Y’self Fitter
The Fall – Your Heart Out

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Can we pretend that Oliver and I have been posting regularly for the last few months? Let’s not overanalyze and have a big conversation about it.

I’m on a 60s/70s/80s world music kick!

Selda – Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar
The Lijadu Sisters – Orere Elejigbo
France Gall – Cet air-là

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